I am trying out a rewards program at Youth Leader Stash. There are a few reasons I’m interested in doing this. The first reason is free SWAG. When you visit the Stash you will see a red ribbon with the word “Rewards” on it. Here is a screen shot of the tab in the lower left hand corner. (Click to enlarge.)

After you click the tab you will be asked to participate using your facebook or twitter credintials. You will get points for signing up, liking the Stash, and referring friends to the site to spread the word. The picture below is a leader board of readers who by just visiting the site are in the running for a $15 giftcard to itunes. Now, I have to check the site and it records me but even if I win I’m giving it to the next person… if that happens.

The other part of the rewards tab is that you’re earning points by visiting the site. After you’ve accumulated enough points you will be rewarded with free SWAG! Woohoo! Right now there is a $15 groupon gift certificate, $10 Best Buy giftcard, and a $5 ebay gift certificate. (Click the image below to see.) Points are distributed in 100 to 500 increments so we’re not talking about visiting the Stash everyday for the rest of your life.

To enter the itunes giftcard competition visit this post I wrote on our top five most requested games and follow the instructions. Have fun. I will try this out for a month after that I will decide if it will be a part of the site.

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  1. Jim Clark August 3, 2011 at 2:32 pm #

    I dig it. Free stuff is always awesome!

  2. T.J. Woodard August 4, 2011 at 8:50 pm #

    i am on here literally every single day. it’s too bad reward points are just now starting! haha

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