From monday to monday we post viral to almost viral videos from youtube and vimeo that you can use in your programming for younglife or youth ministry events as filler, bumpers, illustrations, laughs, or countdowns. Enjoy.

People are attaching go pro cameras to objects and filming new perspectives. Hula hooping with a go pro.

Kids attach a go pro to a stick and run around with it… this video is way too long… once you’ve seen the first two minutes you’ve seen the rest of the video.

This cat is filmed in TV-Intro style fashion.

Meanwhile at the playground of death.

Sometimes our dreams are so powerful we lack the words to describe them.

Elephant from circus assists in Joplin clean up.

A better snow half-pipe.

First fish.

What happens to kids who don’t go to camp?

Two babies sneeze at the very same time.

Harry Potter through the Pensieve

Football Feeling is a feel good video. I wrote about here.

Pinball Machine Skatepark.

Grow Up World Wide Webclip

Gumball Wars


Aaron Homoki 20 step ollie.

Potentially painful to watch King of the Hill commentary on youth ministry.

The shark whisperer.

Godzilla’s Hot Wheels.

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  1. Brian June 8, 2011 at 1:15 pm #

    Wow. That King of the Hill clip. I laughed more than a few times. But there is some truth to be gleaned there.

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