Viral or soon to be viral videos fresh off the presses of vimeo and youtube that you can use as fodder for younglife and youth ministry programming as you lead youth. A few suggestions along the way as well. Enjoy.

One man’s fight to save his home has great illustration potential.

Dog playing catch is a cuteness destruction overload.

Lighting strikes a central power source in Fort Worth and disrupts all transformers. Awesome display of how small we are.

Brother’s Dance Step Duel

School is out celebracion! Mariachi band performs Pink Floyd’s the Wall.

Turkish TV ET ripoff film – Hey gang I took this video down for poor content. My apologies if you watched it.

Guys waiting for a delayed flight replicate a bicycle on a skywalk escalator.

A compelling reason to combat generational sin or an inspirational video on how not to leave a legacy… I am your grandma… terrifying.

A compelling video of how your cell phone was made to combat child labour.

Awesome video idea for kimin peeps.

Use this video for a volunteer week about reaching out to hard to reach kids.

Gummy Bear stop motion video.

Can I be a Christian and not go to church?

Kathleen has been preparing for death for ten years.

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  1. chadswanzy May 17, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    Hey bro thanks for telling me. I took it down and apologized. Geesh! My bad.

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