Get your students in groups of 2-3. Have them introduce themselves and respond to the following questions together.

If you could travel to anywhere in the world this summer where would you want to go and why?

If you could take only one friend with you who would you want to take?

If you could be a teenager and spend your summer in any one of the following decades which would you choose and why? 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, or 1980’s?

Everywhere you go during the entire summer you’re only allowed one musician on your itunes playlist to listen to. Who would you want and what’s their best song?

Share with the group your summer plans.

image adapted via creative commons

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2 Responses to “SUMMER MIXER”

  1. T.J. Woodard May 11, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

    dang chad! someone’s making up for lost time. thanks for all the new posts.

    i know i’ve annoyed you about this like 5 times, but can you post names or links to fonts you use for graphics?

  2. chadswanzy May 11, 2011 at 10:00 pm #

    yeah.. i have had a busy past two weeks!

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