Sad face :(… I have been pretty busy lately. It pains me to publish this on Tuesday. Thanks for being patient with me. If you don’t know anything about Monday Money Movies here’s the deal… I scrounge beg borrow and steal clips from around the web on youtube and vimeo. These are clips you can use in your programming for club or services with youth. Some stuff for countdowns, bumpers, filler, and illustrations.

Raccoon lives under the deck and the homeowner puts out food. The raccoon’s hand through the knothole is somewhat terrifying.

A dog owner does a little voiceover work.

Coin stop animation.

Jello in slow mo is epic.

Let’s rescue deer with the wind from our helicopter.

Revenge is a great video on tension or for a countdown.

Got tell it on the mountain cartoon.

Dude flips his car at 70mph.

Ant vs Spider

Every secret ingredient to Iron Chef in one video.


Skate some more… love the sound in this with no music.

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  1. Jerry White May 4, 2011 at 2:45 am #

    Thanks Chad, these are amazing this week.

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