Every Monday we share the videos that broke in the last seven days. You can use these for illustrations, bumpers, filler, or other youth leadership needs. I try to make some recommendations so enjoy.

At the one minute mark this American skater in China stumbles on some street performers… pretty sweet tricks.

Dub Step deer are somewhat terrifying.

Matta – Release The Freq from Kim Holm on Vimeo.

Skydiving in slow motion.

Experience Human Flight from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

Toddler makes shots all day and is baller.

Speed climber goes 13k feet up a mountain in under 3 hours. Lots of illustration potential.

Baby goes crazy over bubbles.

BMX rider in slow-mo.

BMX Slow Mo from Andrew Winchell on Vimeo.

Coin by coin is a creative video about hunger.

Coin by Coin from Joao Unzer on Vimeo.

Pierce and Chris Brunner Twins skate video.

The Twins from skatefairy on Vimeo.

Magnificent long boarding video.

This man is part of a real club that takes ironing boards into hostile situation to iron a shirt.

You’ll never have to raise funds again.

Stampede of miniature goats.

Show your kids what life without CGI was like in a hip techno kind of way.

This is a long video of a man balancing sticks but in a very talented way. You can skim through but make sure you see the end. People are amazing.

Fallen soldier’s body returns home via escort to his home town and hundreds line the streets to see his return. Epic.

The scooter is now cool.

Pocket chair… ridiculous or brilliant.

Insane climbing workout.

Peek-a-boo Cat

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