If you’ve experienced or heard about kickstarter.com you understand how powerful social networking as a tool can be for the advancement of your fundraising needs. Razoo is a platform for individuals and non-profits that can be used to raise funds for everything from cleaning up a park to sending a student on a missions trip. In two minutes, set up a fundraiser for a charity of your choice. There are no setup fees and no monthly subscription fees. Your donation or fundraiser can be shared with millions who believe in you and your cause. With Razoo’s social media options, you can share your donation, fundraiser, or charity profile and inspire others to join in giving.

Here is a screenshot of a page users set up to raise funds and awareness for washers and dryers that they needed for cleaning the clothes of transient youth. As you can see there is a clean presentable and multi networking capacity for the project.

Scrolling down the page you can see contact options and summaries for potential donors to examine. I can think of several projects already that this can be used for.

Go check it out.

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