TA-DAA!! This is a fun post. Each and every week we try to bring you videos you haven’t seen yet. YOu can hopefully use them in programming for club and youth group. B. Suess of NW AUstin Younglife used Monday Money Movies at a Wyldlife lock in to settle kids down in the wee hours of the morning. Kids love youtube clips. give a shot for bumpers, filler, or illustrations.

Cyclotrops – Animation on a Bicycle whell.

Baby terrified as mom blows nose.

Dog and boy falling asleep.

Paint exploding in slow motion.

Peek-a-boo owl sees you.

March Madness reenactments in Lego.

A story of TMB Panyee Soccer Club.

Dogs dining is more creepy than interesting.

Le Flaneur – 200 photos of the Paris city.

You’ve seen this I’m sure… but just in case. Denver the guilty dog.

Solidarities International Ink and water video.

Notes on Biology is about an elephant becoming a robot and coming to life in a kid’s daydream doodle.

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