With all this blogging I do you would probably conclude that I have a MacBook and you would be right. You would also conclude that I must also have an iphone and if you did… you would be wrong. My lament, disdain, and frustration with tmobile, and android continues to fester and it will not be long before I take the Steve Jobs plunge.

Apps like tinyvox are a huge reason. Tinyvox simply records your audio. It can be yourself speaking your thoughts or an experience you want to share. After you record you can add a title and notes. When it’s polished up you can then “one click” share to your social media sites. It works with tumblr, facebook, and twitter.

It’s also free.

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  1. Whit March 9, 2011 at 9:19 am #

    iRecord is a great Android app that allows the same idea. it has a share feature that allows recordings to be sent via gmail to wherever. it’s also free.

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