Each week we comb through new videos. We hope these are ones that you haven’t seen yet. As fast as the web moves that might not be possible, but there could be a few jewels in here for programming and club. Great bumpers, illustrations, or filler videos abound. Enjoy.

Casteller could be a sweet illustration on family, community, or burdens.

Dance Assassin is awesome. Be warned there is a one second NSFW moment when a guys is scared out of his mind. This is a video that just gives you an idea for group.

Timber is a creative video of a guy who has grown the beard out and then cuts it in a creative stop animation short.

Robots racing to the finish line.

Growing is forever would be a great piece for a series on maturity and time.

Awesome long boarding video that demands earphones.

Old Man Raving

AN intro to a TED Talk. I just like the simplicity and awesomeness.

Moon Shoes… legitness at it’s freshest.

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