This image recently popped up in my reader from a flickr artist named Sarnold1. I am not sure how he intended his creation to be received but when I saw it I immediately felt like this could lead to an awesome and fairly cheap set design. Some of you have a regular talk around relationships at Prom or even homecoming season. Some of you have mother/daughter baquets or purity talks. If you can gather from college leaders, students, or fashion savvy peeps old prom dresses that they don’t mind being used you could create a pretty epic set. Obviously you need to wire the dress so they fill to form and away from your bulb . You would need to pick dresses that are not as thick in their fabric. You also want to use or experiment with the different watts of bulb. I think you could pull this off with a guys outfit but without a jacket so a dress shirt and tie pops as the eye candy. This was just my though and I felt like I needed to throw it out there. Enjoy.

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