With would you rather scenarios you assemble your group into one large gathering in the middle of your room. When you propose a choice in a scenario you ask them to move to the side of a room for their answer. Bring them back together with each choice so they can decide again.

Here is the snowed in scenario to explain.

You are stuck at home for five days in a terrible blizzard. Decide between these situations you must endure while snowed in.

1. You only have one artist in your music library to listen to for five days straight. Would you rather it be Justin Bieber or Nickelback?

2. Would you rather not have any socks during those five days in your house or no long sleeve shirts or hoodies to keep you comfy?

3. Would you rather at every meal only be able to eat breakfast food items or dinner food items?

4. Would you rather have your cell phone for those five days or the internet?

5. Would you rather be snowed in with your best friend for five days straight or your grandparents?

6. Would you rather read a book or write in a journal for those five days?

7. Every day for breakfast you get to have one visitor. Would you rather have breakfast with Lady Gaga or Daft Punk?

8. Every night before bed you get a piece of pie and a scoop of ice cream. Would you rather have apple pie or cherry pie?

9. Would you rather have hot chocolate or apple cider?

10. Would you rather run out of coffee first or hot water?

If you can think of other questions feel free to share them below in the comment area. All of you usually have awesome ones!

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