Right now the economy is struggling and everyone is having to be creative in the ways that they raise funds. For those of you who work in the non-profit sector you may want to consider As much as 90% of the fundraising profit goes to your cause or program.

If you could talk to the leadership of your church or find a key donor who would be willing to match the amount that your students raise you could accomplish two things.

1. Raise money for your group’s operating budget.

2. Use the funds that your church matches or your key donors match as incentive. The additional money not raised by cards could be given freely by your group as a contribution to a social cause. Example: If your group raised 10,000 for camp the matched portion of another 10,000 could go to WorldVision or a local food bank.

You don’t have to do that but if you want to see what it’s capable of doing go visit the site.


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