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Here’s another great game from Wes Briscoe. We submitted the game and I put together the graphic for use in programming. I can’t wait myself to try this game out. Here is how you pull it off. If you would like to Submit a game to the Stash follow that link.

This game sounds hard to pull off, but is so easy and tons of fun.

Prior to the activity, cut string into three-foot long pieces. Tie six pieces of string to a rubber band, spacing them as evenly apart as possible. You will finish with a rubber band with six pieces of string attached to it (it should look like a sunshine with six sun rays going out in all directions).

Give each group a stack of ten coke cans and one of the rubber band/string tools that you have prepared.

Using the rubber band/string tool, students will try to stack as many cans on top of each other as they can. (We play on the floor not tables) Group members may not touch the cans with their hands, or any other part of their bodies for that matter, even if a can falls on the floor.

Each person should hold onto one of the strings that are attached to the rubber band and the group then uses this device to pick up the cans and place them on top of each other (by pulling the rubber band apart and then bringing it back together over the cans). If there are fewer than six people on any team, some team members may have to hold more than one string (but this does make it a bit easier). Make sure you use a rubber band the fits tight over a can but still can be pulled back far enough without breaking.

Put a time limit on it and tell the teams they have three minutes to build the biggest tower. They can stop at any level if they don’t want to risk knocking the tower over.

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3 Responses to “6 MAN CAN”

  1. Sean September 13, 2012 at 12:48 pm #

    You could also change this to have a volunteer lay on the ground with goggles and have the team open the coke up ahead of time and pour the coke into the volunteers mouth.

  2. Nathan Coleman January 16, 2013 at 12:36 pm #

    I’m assuming the cans are empty????

  3. Sean January 16, 2013 at 12:48 pm #

    I’d do it with full cans rather than empty ones, it’ll be easier to stack. If the cans are open then the tab might get in the way.

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