This video showed up in my reader via I think this talk would work well with campaigners for Wyldlife, junior high, or 4-5th grade.

Talk Purpose

Middle school students, or 4-5th grade group, will leave understanding God’s purpose for trials, testing, and difficult situations.


We live in an age of comfort and convenience. We’re often tempted to believe that life is a cake walk. When challenges come are way, things are unfair, or we feel overwhelmed we buy into the temptation to quit or lose faith.


Life is hard. Jesus never promised that it would be easy. When things don’t go the way we would plan them for ourselves how we look for God in the midst of those circumstances can become one of the single most important things about us.


Joseph sold by his brothers – Gen. 37:12-36, Joseph accused by Potiphar’s wife – Gen. 39:1-23, Jesus talks about trouble – John 16:33 (add others as needed)


GAME OVER VIDEO with disastrous scenes of classic games gone horrible.

Transition to Illustration

I wanted to talk to you guys about perseverance today. We’re gonna look at some hard circumstances that happened to this kid in the Bible named Joseph. As Joseph grew up he continued to have challenges. When I think about challenges I think about some of the favorite games we all like to play. I like the classics like Mario, Pacman, Galaga, and Tetris. Those games are so addicting because you want to win. We keep trying over and over again until we conquer it. But what if things were different. Check this out.

Transition Out

Playing a video game and not being able to win is one thing but for some of us in this room and for some of the people that we love tremendously there are some serious life changing challenges that seem so impossible to face. Sometimes people are jerks, sometimes you’re out numbered, or people gang up on you, or the pieces don’t fit to the problem. What do you do with those moments? Let’s look at some things that happened to this dude, Joseph.

Another Screenshot.

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