Uniting and Aligning on Important Issues

All of us our driven to help everyone on the day they face their Creator.

Five Foundations

1. Strategy – Get everyone on the same page across the canvas of key leaders and team.

Getting on the same page is more important than starting with a blank page.

Alignment is the most pivotal element in a team.

You will never have to work at getting misaligned as a team.

2. Message – What are you conveying and presenting to those you influence.

A kid in your ministry will show up on average around 40 hours in a year…

-never take this reality for granted

Revisiting how you present and package those moments for when you get just one hour of that 40 hours is an important part of what your team is purposed for.

Take the truth you have and package it in a way that connects with the next generation.

3. Community – The greatest thing you can do for your church is to put another adult in the life of every kid who reinforce what Jesus wants for the family.

Strive to put consistent adults with a consistent discipleship driven presence in the life of your kids.

Create an organization to put caring adults in the presence of kids and students who lead them toward Jesus.

4. Influence – Creating energy and movement toward pushing the family together toward Jesus.

5. Family – A critical part of family ministry.

Your ability to influence the kids and students is tied directly to your outlook on the family.

Some people are influenced by the church, but everyone is influenced by the family.

We all have a picture of what the family should look like.

What is the gap between your picture of family and the reality of family?

The typical church holds up a snapshot of a family that nobody can live up to.

23.5% of families in our country are characterized by children who live with both of their biological parents.

40% of children in our country are born to women who are not married.

If you hold too tightly to an idea picture you set yourself up for disillusion.

Family Dysfunction in the Bible

Adam & Eve

Noah – Drunk and Naked with…

Jacob and Esau – Messy brothers destroying each other.

Joseph and his brothers

David and Bathsheba

Mary and Joseph

God doesn’t use perfect pictures he uses broken people.

God’s desire is to use broken stories to tell of his power of redemption and restoration.



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