Listening Room is an online chat room which allows a group to get together and share music online. Anyone in the chat room can upload an mp3 from their itunes into the cue of the room for everyone to hear. I’m not sure if everyone would want to jump on the site for casual reasons but maybe it can be leveraged for a youth band or friends sharing music finds. Here are a few screenshots.

When you first log on and set up your name.

Uploading music.

Notice the specs of the upload for everyone to see.

Here is Tyler T from Georgia sharing some Lecrae.

The music struggle a few times and Tyler and I noticed a delay on the chat. This site might be still working the bugs out but it’s pretty sweet if you need to share music with a group or if you just like the idea of hearing what other people like that you’re talking with. h/t Yewknee.

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