Here is a neat iphone app you can tell your parents about and use yourself for events. Bluelight is free and works with your iphone to let someone know if you haven’t arrived on time to a destination as well as sending the emergency contact a coordinate of where you are at in your journey. The contact can call you to check in.

“Bluelight is a super simple way to stay safe, while maintaining privacy and independence.

Tell Bluelight how much time you need to get to your destination and designate a contact (a friend or family member from your address book). When you arrive at your destination, check in with Bluelight, and your contact won’t be bothered. If you don’t check in, Bluelight will send a text message or email to your contact with your most recent location (GPS coordinates plotted on a map). Your contact will then know to reach out to you to make sure everything is okay.”

If you have a designated liaison for your youth ministry back at home base you can set them up as your contact to contact everyone else on a long ride to camp or a retreat. You can probably also have it sent to an email that will post to a website of your choice for your parents who want to make sure their kids are okay.

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