THE END OF 2010 releases still shots from movies of the beginning title and the end title stills. They have released 300 stills from the end title shots of Warner Bros. All of “the end” title shots are from the movies made by Warner Brothers from 1924 to 1967. This is pretty amazing as you see consistency but diversity in the depiction of “the end”. The one constant is the Warner Brothers logo. Looking back over the titles is a little like looking back over the past year.

Relationally speaking, what has been the consistent mark in your life among other?

Professionally speaking, what has been a consistent element to the way you led others and yourself last year?

Spiritually speaking, what has been the main constant in the way you pursued or lived out God’s potential for your life?

As you look at 2011 what do you want the screenshot of your year end title to be relationally, spiritually, and professionally?

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