Monday Money Movies is a collection of videos from the web that we found this past week. You can use them as bumpers, filler, countdowns, or illustrations. Great clips for programming elements, laughs, and  thoughts. Get creative and use them however  you like.

Holly Jolly Dog wrapping presents for Christmas.

Breathing Banana

Sounds of Star Wars will make you a better youth leader – ha ha!

Insert Coin Stop Animation

AZO Showreel

Tron Legacy Skate Ramp

Real Skateboards Under the Bridge

The Move Paper Animation Film

Better Days Tattoo Parlour Santiago, Chile – I do not have a tattoo but when I get one I wish it could be these guys who past it on.

Red Skull Stop Animation

Weekend in Tampa

This is worth sharing but I have no idea how you can use it. Hopefully it will help one of you out there.

These one requires you to visit youtube but it is well worth it.

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