Talk Purpose: This talk will help students process the depth of Christ’s sacrifice and the significance of his last meal with the disciples.

Problem: We often participate in the Lord’s supper as an event. We’re tempted to miss it’s importance and the message it conveys.

Point: This would be Jesus final meal with his good friends. As he prepared for his sacrifice on the cross he would use the meal to illustrate what would happen to him and and at the same time give them directions on how they would remember what he did on the cross at every meal thereafter.

Passages: Luke 27:7-23, I Corinthians 11:26-28, Acts 2:42

Illustration: I have created a link to download six photos. These photos were taken by Julia Ziegler-Haynes. The images are of meals that death row prisoners are allowed to eat as a last request. The link is at the bottom of the post. The two images are a preview of the rest.

Transition to Illustration: Imagine you’ve been tried for a crime you didn’t commit and convicted for the punishment of death. On the day you’re going to be executed you are allowed to have one last meal with your friends. What are you going to eat? What will you want to say? I want to show you some pictures taken by a lady named, Julia Ziegler Haynes. Julia was allowed to take these photos form inside death row. Every prisoner is allowed one last meal and they are given whatever they want. Unlike prisoners on death row, Jesus would rise from the grave, but on the cross his body would be broken and his blood poured out for us. The cross was the public execution or the electric chair of those days. (Explain in terms you feel comfortable with the crucifixion with your group.)

Transition out of Illustration: What’s awesome about Jesus is the fact that he would use this meal as a moment to reflect and to create for us a way to worship him and remember his sacrifice. I would have been crying my eyes out and panicking over what was ahead. Thankfully I’m not Jesus but it changes how we see the cross right? When you take the Lord’s Supper today think about these verses and think about how awesome Jesus is for this incredible moment.


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