Divide your large group into even teams depending on the size of your group. This is a relay game where two students participate during a turn. You probably want 20 students to a team. When you divide try to divide with your genders equally represented on each team. Here is a post I wrote on making this happen quickly and efficiently. Now that you have your groups give each group a skateboard. Line each group in a line behind a starting cone. One cone per group. Equal distance away from that cone is a turn around cone. A turn happens when a guy sits down on the skateboard with his knees up and feet on the board, hands wrapped around the tops of his bent legs to steady him in a ball. A girl on the team will get behind and push him with her hands on his back as fast as she can toward the cone. When they get there they turn around and head back to pass the board to the next pair on the team. The group who goes down and back in the amount allotted is the winner. You may also have a helmet for each group that is past from one pair to the other as part of the game but for their safety.

If you want to spice this game up. Have leaders lined up on the outsides of the playing field with dodge balls. If a student gets hit and falls over they have to start over.

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