This is #20 of 20 weeks that we have posted awesome videos. Some you may have seen already and some that will be fresh to your eyes! Every monday we post videos we saw on the web that you can use in your student ministry programming or your younglife club. You can use them for countdowns, bumpers, filler, or talk illustrations. They may also just give you a great idea to run with. Enjoy.

Mashup of the Police “Roxanne” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Animation”

Yo could end your program or kick it off with Double Dream Hands. Your students will love it.

I know I’ve already told you about this “Bottle.” Just in case you haven’t seen it… here you go. I also worote a lesson for it here.

Hot Salsa Dog is better than you.

Moments of Serendipity is good eye candy.

7D 2000 fps is an awesome piece.

Need an illustration on vanity?

Good CHristmas fodder. Dogs rolling in the snow.

Another Princess Bride lightsaber duel. The first one was posted here.

Santa rides on a unicycle and plays bagpipes.

Popsicles flying in space.

Horror Vacui is a time lapse video of an art installation.

Shanghai 5 is a great video if you like skate culture. It’s very long but well worth it. Watch over lunch.

Refraction would make a cool countdown.

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