Dr. Headly of My Student Ministry Brainpan posted a video this morning of a game his group did this past week. I watched the video, put together a graphic you can use for the game in your power point and made a few modifications.

In the video candy canes are laid out in a bowl. There was a degree of difficulty that made me think a coffee cup would be better. Maybe even better than that, you could put a coffee cup on a dinner plate. Put green candy canes on the dinner plate around the cup and red canes in the cup.

Recruit two volunteers. Have a pole with a string tied to the end of it that has a candy cane as a hook. You need a fishing pole with a candy cane hook for each contestant. Place equal amounts of canes in a coffee cup or on a dinner plate (a little more difficult than a cup.) Both students compete against each other who to see who can fish out the canes with only the hook from the pole in a block of time that you determine.

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