Brian Heninger has submitted another game. You can submit a game too and as part of the deal we come up with the graphic for slides, share it with the Stash community, and link back to you if you like. Brian is the student ministries director at the Vault. Here are the instructions that Brian sent to us. Enjoy. Thanks so much Brian.

What you need:

Christmas Tree
Christmas ornaments of various sizes
Ornament Hooks
Candy Canes

Before you play the game line up the ornaments with the hooks on them already. Make sure you tape the hook so they are facing upwards. Place the Christmas tree across the room.


Have as many people you want to play and divide them into two teams. Give each player and candy cane. The idea of this game is place the candy in your mouth and try to hook the ornament. Then run across the room and try place the ornament on the tree without using your hands.

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