You know the drill by now if you’ve been reading the Stash. Every monday we post videos we saw on the web that you can use in your student ministry programming or your younglife club. You can use them for countdowns, bumpers, filler, or talk illustrations. They may also just give you a great idea to run with. Enjoy.

I am beside myself with creative envy on this awesome unbelievable video. Mongo Man!!!!

Battle of the Year 2010… Phenomenal dance off. I wrote a talk on faith and risk using this video. See it here.

This entire video of BMX is awesome but the best starts at minute mark 2:00.

Atlas X Spitfire Commercial has a great vibe.

Cats getting shot by lasers… surely your middle school group will unfold with laughter.

Zombigotchi. Save this for next year in October.

Batelco – Infinity.

Baby ducks getting blown over by wind… sadness, will they make it factor.

Something lurking Kompressor vacuum commercial is such an eye feast.

This gives me a bajillion ideas…

Public Service Announcement for when to talk to your kids about Star Wars.

Psalm 1221 by Elevation Church

Loud with the Shop Vac on is a high school or middle school discussion illustration on how important it is to understand what love and commitment are and what God says about marriage.

Arctic Circle is a great piece that illustrates greed. I have used it and wrote a talk for it. You can see the talk here.

See other Monday Money Movie installments.

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