This is our second edition of Would You Rather Christmas Scenarios. See the first here. The first six scenarios were actually contributed by Richard Jones. Thanks a bunch Richard! With would you rather scenarios you can divide the large group into smaller groups of 3-4 and have them respond with the answer and why or you can have the entire group stand in the middle and move to the sides of the room that you dictate for the answer. Example: If you would rather  ”this” go to this side of the room  and if you would rather “that” go to the other side.

1. Would you rather know what your gifts are or be surprised?

2. Would you rather go caroling or put up decorations?

3. Would you rather eat fruitcake or sit on Santa’s lap in front of people you know?

4. Would you rather be Mary or Elizabeth?

5. Would you rather have your Christmas cookies with sprinkles or without?

6. Would you rather give someone something they really need or something they really want?

7. Would you rather receive on Christmas the gift of flight or the gift of invisibility?

8. Would you rather do all your Christmas shopping online or in stores?

9. Would you rather drink hot chocolate or hot apple cider during the holidays?

10. Would you rather live in the world of Whoville from the movie the Grinch or live in the world of the movie Polar Express?

Image adapted via creative commons.
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