This game can be played as a volunteer game one time or you can play it every week during December with different prizes. Buy four boxes all of which are the same size. Ideally you want to buy a big square box with a lid so you don’t have to wrap a present every week. Line up the four presents in front of the group. Pick three students to come up and let them choose one present to open for the reveal. Have them stand behind the present they choose. One present will be left so that nobody feels they got stuck with the last choice.

Here’s the catch. Only one box has an awesome gift like a gift card or something else. The rest have horrible presents or horrible food related things to consume that are part of the agreement and game. Each week you can make the prize bigger. If you want to advertise the giveaway hand out tickets at the beginning of club or group. Then when the game is played you draw four random tickets for students to play the game. Let the kids know what you’re giving away for the next week.

Yellow Double Raffle Ticket Roll

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