Talk Purpose

Students will have a chance to dream about God’s next step for them and find confidence to take the risk in following him.

Problem: We all have a tendency to quit if we don’t succeed on the first try. If it gets hard we give up if we just can’t figure it out.

Point: The people that God used in the Bible experienced broken pasts and broken lives just like us. When they took the risk to step out in faith God was able to use them in miraculous ways for his stories and his glory.

Possible Passages: Gen 37:1-11 (Joseph’s Dreams) Hebrews 11::1-16 (Hall of Fame for risk takers)

Teaching Illustration: Most incredible display of taking big risks and awesome steps.

Transition to Illustration: Putting yourself out there in a personal spiritual way is hard. Fear of rejection, failure, and the unknown keep a lot of people from breaking new ground and trying new things. The next step for you will be followed with a lot more little steps to take. What you learn along the way and how you chase after Jesus will seem like nothing when the time is right for God to put you on display for his purpose. There will be a day when taking the next step comes so easy to you that it inspires others to try but in this moment the step that is in front of you is the only one God wants you to make today. At the risk of sounding corny… STEP UP!

(h/t 22 Words for the video link)

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