Every monday we bring you the best from the web of videos we found in our reader that we think you can use for illustrations, filler, bumpers, or countdowns with your younglife club or youth ministry programming. A lot of times you can get good ideas or inspiration as well. Enjoy.

This video is of a huge indoor hot wheels racetrack. It’s automation is amazing. It makes me think of teh grand prix car building contests you did in scouts or awanas.

A teacher has Greyson Chance show up to surprise his choir class.

Could drawing Mario in this video sound anymore winsome and fun? Doubtful.

This is a video of a student who built a blue man group style instrument from PVC pipe for a talent show.

Glide is footage shot from a high speed camera traveling on a high speed train slowed down for a creative effect.

This is a Need for Speed commercial with a Pagani racing a Lamborghini.

Classic Nintendo characters in a race.

Michael Jordan responding to Lebron James commercial.

An illustration about opportunity and awareness for sure.

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