Tron is everywhere right now and even long after this post people are going to want to celebrate the movie and remake. Take advantage of that energy and get your students together for a Tron Ultimate Frisbee Night. GIve students glow sticks and tape and have them tape them to their clothing. Use a glow in the dark frisbee and glow in the dark markers to line your field. Here are rules on ultimate frisbee. The Tron font for you to use however you want.

Get a glow in the dark frisbee…

Nite Glow Ultrastar 175 g – Glow in the Dark Flying Disc Made in the USA

Green glowsticks in bulk…

8″ Lumistick Glowsticks Glow Stick Bracelets GREEN (Tube of 100)

Blue glowsticks in bulk…

8″ Lumistick Glowstick Glow Stick Bracelets BLUE (500 bracelets)

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