Yes, yes… the 17th installment of Monday Money Movies. We gather clips from around the web and paste them in one vertical post of goodness. Use these shorts for programming filler, bumpers, countdowns, and illustrations. We don;t catch them all but we get the ones worth looking at. Enjoy.

First up to bat is a cockatoo dancing to Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair Back and Forth.

The next video I like just because it’s a good idea and if for nothing else I love the double pane effect. I also think it’s good countdown fodder.

Tapeworm is a stop animation film you could use around Valentines day or in the middle of a series on relationships.

This video is brilliant and beautiful. I love the colors and paint as it’s sandwiched between the two plates of plexi-glass.

If you need something cheesy for students as they are gathering before program or club try this Ukranian 60’s music video.

Teach me how to study is cool and good for talks on responsibility or priorities.

This kid lands a handrail trick and freaks out. I like this for a middle school talk on perseverance.

Meanwhile Back In Kazkhastan is amazing! (Warning: Not advocating the use of guns.)

Put this piece in the category of the creative and ridiculous people. I am jealous.

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