Check it out! Ben Reed of West Gate HSM submitted this game just in time for Thanksgiving! This is a group game that you can add to the list of Thanksgiving games we have on our Thanksgiving Hat Trick. Check out the instructions Ben submitted. Thanks so much Ben. If you want to submit a game you can do so here.

From Ben…

I cant remember where I first played a game similar to this, I know that it has several different names, but we played it this past week and called it Turkey Hunters in honor of thanksgiving.

Have entire group stand in a circle facing in, about arms reach from person next to them. Give one person a foam Dodgeball.

Since it had to do with Turkey’s, i asked who loved Turkey the most and who was against the killing of animals. My Turkey Lover became the Turkey and PETA became the Turkey defender.

The two stand in the middle of the circle, which is now a circle of Turkey Hunters. It is the Turkey Defenders job, obviously, to Defend/protect the Turkey from being hit. If the turkey gets hit, he goes to the circle, the Turkey Defender is now the Turkey, and the hunter who shot the turkey is now the Turkey Defender. Game goes for as long as you want.

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