I have not played this game in about six years. It’s a great game for a group of about 30-40 students. Have everyone sit in a giant circle of chairs. There should be one chair for every person except two. The two leftover people will start the game and stand in the middle of the circle while everyone else is in a chair. One of the two people standing in the middle will ask the other person a destination question. Here are som examples: “Are you going to club?” “Are you going to small groups?” “Are you going to the all-niter?” The other person answers the question, “Yes, me and everybody who is ________ (fill in the blank.)” If they said “me and everybody who is wearing blue.” Then everyone who is sitting in a chair that is wearing blue must get up and run to a chair that opened because someone else in the circle was wearing blue. In a group of 30 students there would be about 10 kids wearing blue so there would be 12 people scrambling for an open seat including the two people who were in the middle to start the game. Whichever two people did not find a chair before all the chairs were full now has to be in the middle and ask a new question. The more open in possibilities the answer is the more people have to move. People who have to get up can’t sit back in the chair they just left. They can’t take some one physically out of a chair either.

Here are possible answers.

Me and everyone wearing shoes. Me and everyone who went to school. Me and everyone who are wearing underwear. Me and everyone who picked their nose today. Me and everyone who secretly listens to Justin Bieber. Me and everyone who has blond hair. You get the picture.

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