TA-DAA!!! Here we go again!!!! The 15th installment of the Stash Monday Money Movies. This is the best of the best from around the web of videos that you can use in programming for filler, bumpers, countdown, illustrations, or to just stretch your brain and make you laugh.

First up to bat is this video of the first ever holographic live concert. It happened in Japan and people loved it. It’s amazing.

This boat coming into harbor reminds me of how hard life is and what it means to come home from a broken world.

Here is a girl on an indio board dribbling five basketballs.

This is a river of runners in the New York City Marathon. Pretty cool.

Randy the Squirrel eats sunflower seeds kind of creeps me out but could be a cool bumper or countdown with good music.

This series of finger skateboard tricks is pretty cool.

Here is a soccer penalty kick where a goalie loses focus and thinks it’s over but it’s not… the ball comes back with topspin still on it.

Last but not least a video of amazing bmx tricks.

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