This is a game for small groups. You can pull it off for a large group gathering but the students who play need to have the wherewithal to follow instructions and play appropriate to teh game requirements. Some students might be too hyper to play this game. You make the call. Basically you want a soccer ball or tether ball for each group. Students stand in a circle facing each other. The circle needs to be wide and gracious so have them stand with their arms spread and touching at the fingers to broaden the circle. A player makes eye contact with another player in the circle and throws them the ball. When they throw it the ball needs to be more of a lob in the air toward the players head. The person who throws it must decide while it’s in the air whether they will say “head” or “catch.” If they say “catch” the person receiving the ball must do the opposite of that and head the ball. If they say “head” the person receiving the ball must do the opposite of that and catch the ball. The player who calls the word must do so in a timely fashion. This game sounds awkward but it is a lot of fun and gets confusing believe it or not. You can see how the game will not work with if students are prone to go over the top or play over zealously.

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