I’m reading and “using” right now a book called What Every Small-Group Leader Should Know by Larry Kreider. Small groups may not be a part of your organizations DNA but I am sure that you are gathering students around experiences and creating relational leverage with them so that you can help them take next steps in their life. If you are this book is a great resource for you in a way that will help you focus on important things about the needs of people in a group and potential things that hinder your group.

The last part of the book devotes a chapter on 20 MISTAKES TO AVOID AS A SMALL GROUP LEADER. Here is a portion of that chapter as I’ve conveyed it to the leaders I oversee.

“As a leader, work to help students blossom in their faith, and in their relationship with the Lord. Never willingly let the way you meet be more important than the purpose of the meeting all together.”

The book is filled with nuggets like that. It’s always good to challenge how your group culture is working and then to act on what you’re concluding. Pick this book up to help you with diagnostics, creating, and identifying best practices for working with students in intentional groups.

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