Divide your group into two teams where both genders are evenly distributed among your teams. Give each team a large laundry bucket that comes with ropes attached as handles as pictured above. Set a starting line for the teams to stand behind and place a cone 10 to 15 yards away from each team as a turn around point. For each turn a girl will jump in the basket and two guys will pick up the basket by the handles, run with her in the basket to the cone, go around the cone and back. A new girl jumps in while the other girl jumps out. Two new guys repeat the relay. Normally you set a relay turn amount. The team that goes down and back five times and finishes first is the winner. We have used bike helmets too on the girls as part of a costume change that is funny before they get in. The costume was an excuse to make them wear the helmet. We have had girls spill out on the floor but nothing horrific.

For extra fun you can have leaders on the sides of the relay fields throwing dodge balls at the contestants in a gauntlet style fashion.

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