There are actual leagues where people gather for cardboard battles. In some of those leagues there are strict rules and extremely close knit communities. For an event you can get lots of ideas from sites like this one but to make it simple I’ve kind of summed up what it would look like.

Assemble cardboard enough for at least 2-3 boxes per student. The boxes need to be medium to large sized bokes so that each student gets enough cardboard to make a suit of armor or shields and maybe even a horse for jousting.

Essential to the battle are gift wrapping tubes so think ahead and start collecting them from gift wrapping stores or team members around Christmas well in advance.

Gather your students and give them time to create their suits. Provide duct tape, markers, and scissors or blades used by leaders or with leader supervision. It might even be interesting if you gave them build time at home ahead of the event for a prize.

When the students are done give them each a tube. So that there is no absolute carnage here are some rules.

1.You may only strike with the tube.

2. No strikes to the head.

3. As soon as your tube is broken you’re out.

4. You may not hold the tube in the middle.

5. No tube is to be modified.

Use the graphic above for an announcement graphic. Info can go above the word cardboard.

Visit this account to see some of the best cardboard costumes ever. HERE

Here are some videos to inspire.


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