I recently received a copy of Chris Folmsbee’s book Clear: 8 Lessons on the Theological Foundations of Faith. I’ve been pretty busy in this ministry season but I kept the book in my car and read it when I could at long traffic lights and fast food drive-thru lanes.

Obviously the book covers eight major theological basics of the Christian faith and breaks up a learning process for students. Over the course of 28 chapters or interactions students interact with questions centered around scriptures that are devoted to that theology basic.

With each interaction there is a discovery, reflection, prayer, and immersion portion for the students to complete. The interactions are in-depth. A generous amount of scripture and questions are provided and each interaction may be anywhere from 5-8 pages.

This is a great book for high school students who are wanting to serve or lead in a capacity that may call for them to transmit their faith. I have high school students who lead middle school small groups and I see this resource as a tool I would use with them to help strengthen their spiritual leadership. This book would also serve your adult leaders as well.

To tackle this book in a month with your students would be quite a task as their is so much to absorb. If you have a weekly meeting with a group of your core students you could meet and discuss an interaction or chapter each week for 28 weeks.

Although I feel all eight foundations are important I would say that the interactions on the church are the most crucial. If you only bought this book to help you field lessons on the church as part of your research for a series it would be an incredible investment for you to help shape your thinking.

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