You may have seen the website If you have you know that the website is all about quick fixes and bad repair jobs. Even if the website didn’t exist our homes are filled with duct taped repair jobs that only treat the symptoms. It’s the same way with our life. We’re often tempted to cover up our brokenness or grab a quick fix. This series explores those issues.

Week 1 – The First Break

Problem: We have a way of doing life where we are tempted to hide our issues, mistakes, and brokenness. Hiding or covering up our bad experiences complicate things and set us up to live a pattern in life where we never get to the core problem.

Point: God made us to love us. He desire to fix our brokenness. When we do the opposite of what God asks of us we rebel against real love, real healing, and real security in life. Hiding from accountability and confession only prolongs the pain.

Passage: Genesis 3 The Fall of Man

Week 2 – Broken Hearts

Problem: Sometimes we get caught in a cycle of repeating the same mistakes over and over again. When we do it’s hard to love ourselves and it’s even harder to change.

Point: Alone, in our pain, and caught in our brokenness the last thing we need is to feel used and condemned. If we’re ready we can receive a fresh start and a clean slate.

Passage: John 8:1-11 The Woman forgiven by Jesus.

Week 3 Broken Dreams

Problem: Not believing that you have a future and potential or not believing that you can change is the last stop and the bottom of the barrel in life. Feeling stuck and unwilling to move is a horrible place to be.

Point: Even when you hit rock bottom there is a way out. When you don’t have the power to save yourself anymore you’re only hope is to give in to the help that others are trying to give you. When you’re ready to stop running there is someone who has a paid the price for your healing.

Passage: Hosea 1-3 – The life of Gomer.

Use this blank pic of a pegboard for teaching graphics.

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