Here we go again.. week 14 of the Stash Monday Money Movies. Every monday in your favorite feed reader we share with you some of the best of the best from youtube and vimeo that you can use in your youth programming or club. We try to give you ideas with each but the sky is te limit with your own needs.

Skyence is an animation video that is kinda of out there artistically. I think it’s the song I like that gets started at about 1:10. I can imagine this to be a good countdown video whose music is piped into the house to start things off.

This vimeo piece was intended to be a Nike video commercial but the project never got finished. I just liek the effect and it makes me think of running the race.

Chances are you’ve seen this video. It’s blown up in the last six days. but if you have not see People are Awesome… enjoy.

This next video is pretty painful to absorb. I think you’ll hear in the audio many things about self worth and extremes.

This Celtic fan dances to Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer.

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