The Stash Friday Money Links are the best links from around the web that you can use in your youth work or club. These links present things that you can use, laugh at, learn from, and share. Enjoy.

Marko has a post on rites of passage and a link to free resources.

Yogile Easy Photo Sharing (via ChurchCrunch)

Chupacabra Mystery Solved

Five Free Gigs of Online Storage

Troll Internet Meme vs Physics Professor

Zazzle Custom Skateboard Design Contest (via 4YA Blog)

Vimeo Couch Mode (Via

Listening to the Burdens of Middle Schoolers

Pictures of the Week

Antoine Dogson

Brouha on Mustafar

Boba Fett’s Invoice to Jabba the Hut for Han Solo Bounty


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