Divide your large group up into teams of three. Each team hooks their arm to the person next to them in their group. They should be hooked arm in arm forming a line of three people. Do not have them hook all of their arms; they would form a circle if you did. The middle person would have a person on either side of them. The people on the ends of the team of three make a hoop with their arms to the side even though there is no one there to latch on to. Nominate one person to be “it.” When the game begins every one runs from “it.” If “it” hooks or latches on to the arm of a group of three the person all the way on the other end is now “it” and must let go of their team of three. They can not re-latch onto the group they had to leave they must go hook on to another team’s end who is now running from them. Keep playing until you’ve had enough. If you have a larger group have two people be it.

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