This has long been one of my favorite pictures. Just look at it. A man sets up shop in the middle of political, religious, and cultural conversations and says, “You decide your interest.”

If you’re looking to make your youth ministry, program, or community better focus on the cheapest and most affordable tools with time proven results.

1. Listening – Help your leaders learn how to listen to students. Teach them to not rush to judgement, solutions, or conclusions. Help them understand that students are very rarely heard.

2. Presence – Do not rob yourself or your leaders by thinking that “the event” is enough time to have made an impact. Teach them to be with students on their level.

3. Faithfulness – Be very honest with leaders on the front end by letting them know that it takes at least a year of practicing both 1 and 2 before they begin to see relational strides. Keep them encouraged as they go. There are no overnight miracles.

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