Ty Gallenbeck submitted a game this morning you have probably known as Sweatshirt Balloon Stuff. Ty serves in Younglife with Delta County. He attached a photo for this game you’ll see below.

I was excited about this game because I like to rewrap old stuff and give a facelift. So this game shall now be know as “OOMPA BALLOMPA.” Yes that’s right. They wore funny outfits and did crazy stuff. In the same spirit you’re gonna rewrap kids with this game. Here are the instructions from Ty.

2 sets of large sweat pants, and hooded sweatshirt
Lots of inflated balloons.

One player (usually best to pick the smallest player) puts on the sweat shirt and sweat pants. The teams of 3-5 then compete to see who can stuff the most balloons into the sweats and sweatshirt of the player on their team in 2 minutes. Enjoy.

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  1. Jaelyn January 19, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

    We do this, but with leaders as the ones getting stuffed with balloons, then after they have stuffed them we tell them that to win they now must be the first team to pop all the balloons they just stuffed in! It adds an extra amount of humor to the competition and is fair because leaders won’t/shouldn’t cheat and pop them themselves

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