This is “the” list! Videos from around the web that you can use in countdowns, bumpers, fillers, or talk illustrations with your programming for younglife club, youth group talks, or in other nooks and crannies.

This first piece is a great visual for a topic on idols or markers.

This video would be good for a pre-service “time to get to your seats” fodder or opener.

This is a steampunk version of the story of Atlantis.

If you have a worship or discipleship service and you want to create artistic energy to prepare your kids for art related worship movement you can try this video below.

Here is Michael J Fox climbing back into the Delorean for the 25th Anniversary of Back to the Future.

I think you use this when you are doing a talk on parents to your students or maybe a talk on integrity. It’s funny.

The of course we have saved the best for last. This is called Orchestra Face Guy. He has several videos of this style.

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