This game comes from Eric Hendrickson youth leader of Revolution Student Ministries. Eric’s link for the game is here. We had fun putting the graphic together at the Stash for this game. Here are the instructions from Eric.

Fire Hydrant, Dog, Truck is a game that I’ve played since I was in youth group back in the 90’s. I’m really not sure who invented it, but any time I bring it out, my students love it. It is similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Have your students pair up and turn back-to-back. Countdown…1…2….3…GO! Students turn around and act out a fire hydrant by putting their arms by their side, a dog by lifting one leg, or a truck by acting like they are using the steering wheel.

Fire Hydrant beats the Truck
Truck beats the Dog
Dog beats the Fire Hydrant
And if you Tie….You Die

Keep playing till you have 2 students left and do a best out of 3 to determine the overall winner.

If you would like to submit a game to the Stash you can do so here. We will put together the game slide for programming.

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