It feels like Christmas at the Stash when we get a box of goodies to review. It looks like I have a lot of reading to do! I will be sharing with you some great stuff out there that can help you as you lead youth. If you have a resource, book, or publication you want our readers to hear about email me at: and we can set that up.

If you are a publisher or resource provider you may also be interested in purchasing a thirty day advertisement with us on the blog.

Here are some resources I will be reviewing in the coming weeks.

Clear, Chris Folmsbee

Story, Signs, and Sacred Rhythms, Chris Folmsbee

Generation Ex-Christian, Drew Dyck

What Every Small Group Leader Should Know, Larry Kreider

Secrets to Becoming A Leader, Tom Osborne

Friends Without Benefits, Ron Luce

The New Testament, Jim Burns

Prayer & The Devotional Life, Jim Burns

Prayer & Worship, Uncommon, Kara Powell

Busting Free, Neil T Anderson & Dave Park

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