This is an invite to any youth leader who calls himself or herself worthy of a challenge. Tonight in our program I’m going to recruit four volunteers and have them spin a hula hoop on the floor with backspin added. While the hoop is returning toward them they must jump through the hoop without knocking it down. I want to see you try. Your group whether it takes all day, you use it in a game or not, must execute this challenge, record it, and submit a link to your video to I will post each video for our community to view. Get creative with your group… dress up… add twists… or go for five. Enjoy and have fun.

A variation of this game not subject to the competition is to simply have two volunteers and give each volunteer one minute to see how many times they can spin the hoop and jump through it within one minute. That’s a way to play a game but not what can be submitted. Watch the video below for an example.

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